Confused about the different emails we send out? Let’s fix that!

I know you might feel unsure which of the emails that we send out is right for you. Our emails send outs have increased over these last 10 years to meet the promotional needs of our members.  I hope this page helps clarify them, but if you do have further questions please know I am always here to help.

Sincerely yours
Jennifer Malisauskas

We have 2 PAID eBlast Adverts and 1 Free(ish)

1. Solo eBlast (Sblast)
– Exclusive eMailer containing only your message
– Your Investment: $300


2. Weekly Community Event Listings eBlast (Cblast)
– To promote your Event Listing to our mailing list
– Send out EVERY Thursday
– ONLY 10 Ad Spots available each week
– Delivered to our full mailing list
Other Ad Types: that Appear on these emailers: Website Banner Ads
Your Investment: Packages range from $30 – $90

3. Monthly Newsletter (Free-ish)
We email out a newsletter that features Member Paid Event Listings. Each newsletter show cases ads happening over a 3 month period.