Event Listings

Event Listings are paid ads that appear on our website.

An advertising option to promote your Workshops, Retreats, Teacher Trainings and Vacations to our online audience.

(Yoga Listing previously called Event Ads)

If you are interested in advertising with us but are not sure how to go about it, please read through our step-by-step instructions and you’ll see how easy it is. Advertising your events is just a few steps away.

Event Listing includes:

• Full color image of your choice
• Title
• Start and End Date
• Schedule Info
• Event Cost
• 5000 word description
• Internal Link to your Studio Listing
• Contact & Event Location Information
• DirectLink to your company website

In order to post events on our site you will need to purchase either a Premium Subscription or Credits

A Plus All events listed* with a premium subscription or credits are included in one/or both of the Bi-weekly eNewsletters.
Deliver dates and listing deadlines can be found here

* Expiration policy: For multi-day event listing, they expire 3 days after their scheduled start date, for single day event listings, they expire the next day. OR when your Premium Plan expires. Which ever date comes first.