How to Advertise your Event Listing in our Weekly Thursday Newsletter (Cblast)

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You’ve probably seen our Weekly Thursday Newsletter and thought, hmm, I’d like to promote my workshop, training and/or retreat in it.

So let’s get started

FYI We do send out other kinds of email so let’s see which email campaign that’s right for you.

First steps to advertising in the Weekly Thursday Newsletter (Cblast)

  1. Login into your Member Account
  2. First you will need to have posted an Event Listing Ad
  3. Haven’t done that yet? Learn how to post an Event Listing Ad here.
  4. Once you have posted your Event listing Ad, you are now ready to purchase a spot in our Cblast, see next list of instructions.

How to Book your Event Ad Spot(s)

  1. Login into your Member Account
  2. Click on the top menubar link “Events Ads”
  3. Remember the Event Ad ID Number you want to use for your Cblast
  4. Click on the top menubar link “Book a Weekly Community eBlast Spot”
  5. Using the PayPal Cart select the Cblast Package, insert the Event Ad ID#, and your delivery dates.

Once the payment goes through I receive an email with your order. I then mark down in my agenda your Event Listing ID# on the dates you picked. I’ll reply to your email to confirm I received the order and securing your dates.

NOTE: This purchase will not show up in your account. We are working on that. It’s a very complicated amount of programming to create a costume booking software that’s specific to our needs so at the moment it’s a simple PayPal cart until we get it down. THANK YOU for your patience and understanding.




Please make sure your Event Ad info has not errors or missing elements, for instance

  • The “Presented By” link is there – If it’s NOT click here for the solution
  • URL is linking to the right page and is working
  • Event dates are right
  • the picture uploaded and is showing
  • Spelling Mistakes

Refer to the Google Calendar at the bottom of the “Book a Weekly Community eBlast Spot” page is make sure your desired delivery dates have available spots.