Detoxify Harmful Habits From Your Life With Mindfulness



You have probably heard of mindfulness a lot in mainstream media recently, specifically mindfulness meditation. Science Daily explains how even a single mindfulness meditation session can reduce anxiety. It’s quite a claim, but what exactly is mindfulness? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just emptying your mind of thoughts.

It is also a great tool when it comes to getting rid of harmful habits—along with regular meditation and good yoga practice. Being fully present means you’re able to recognize your negative habits and make informed choices to avoid them. Here’s how you apply that in various aspects of your life:

Your relationship with money

First, you need to identify what kind of spender you are. Behaviorial specialist Paul McKenna believes you need to be aware of your principles on money. Do you think it corrupts? Are you afraid to lose it? Do you tend to overspend? Next time you get your paycheck, sit down and make a conscious choice to budget your money before anything else. If you’re feeling stressed about it and you’re itching to go get your shopping fix, do a bit of yoga. The Breath of Joy pose is most helpful, as it allows you to breathe out whatever is overwhelming you and breathe in better choices. Every time you feel overwhelmed about budgeting, take a breather and reset your mind before getting back to it.

Your relationship with your body

Constant stress and lack of healthy habits like drinking enough water or sleeping the recommended hours may affect your immune system and your heart. Yoga Journal medical editor Dr Timothy McCall writing for Best Health states yoga can dampen your body’s reaction to stress. Say you skip meals or drink too much coffee—even these small habits have huge ramifications in the future like palpitations, hyperacidity, and even ulcers. Meanwhile, mindfulness lets you listen intently to what your body needs and help you care about what you put in your body. This will allow you to make simple changes without sacrificing what you like. In Pretty Me’s review of Lean N’ Green Coffee they explain how these beans won’t cause you palpitations due to the reduced caffeine. If you are thinking about changing your coffee habits, Pretty Me recommend waiting a few days for your body to adjust to the lower caffeine levels. A simple and mindful way to change an everyday habit for the better.

Your relationship with technology

Mindfulness can help you think about the consequences of your actions online. It can also help you become kinder, less judgmental, and more positive. Apart from that, mindfulness can help give you perspective and lower the risks of social media addiction. Being able to take a break from social media and the internet can help you foster better relationships offline. You can use the time you spend off of the internet to meditate and do yoga instead. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by the things you see online, you can do a minute of the Reclining Bound Angle Pose, which is a great restorative position to help you clear your mind and bring back your inner peace.

There are many yoga poses to help detoxify your body. In our article Yoga for Detoxification For the Body, Mind & Spirit! we list several more poses that can help. For instance the yoga pose Viparata Karani, where you put your legs up the wall and take 10 breaths, will allow your body to relax. This pose helps soothe your nervous system and encourage blood circulation.

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