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Rana Waxman

2100 Marlowe #339
Montreal Quebec

Rana Waxman is Host/Creator of YOGA CHEZ VOUS, airing on Vox. Rana specializes in private, personalized YOGA/YOGA THERAPY classes. Her insightful approach helps people with anxiety, insomnia, headaches, pain, stress and psychosomatic disorders. Rana`s CORPORATE YOGA programs are backed by over 20 years business experience. Rana`s skillful style facilitates the integration of YOGA. Benefits extend beyond strength and flexibility, there is a cultivation of FEELING, THINKING and LIVING BETTER. In addition, Rana is certified and extensively trained in THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE. As with YOGA when the nervous system can move from panic to peace, healing and well-being are at optimal levels. Receipts for insurance available.