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A Course inspired by the movement, dance and Yoga traditions of India! Yoga (Jyog) and Indian Sacred/Classical dance are inseparable. Both diciplines have common roots that go back thousands of years. It is believed that the sacred teachings were handed down to us through expression, movement and rhythm of dance; a dynamic form of Yoga! The sacred Yogic dance postures and Mudras (symbolic hand gestures), flow from one posture to another smoothly like dance. Slow and fast rhythmic music is used to help position the postures. Nritya yoga postures, mudra work, yogic breathwork, visualizations, Vibrant Sacred Trance Dance and meditation in motion, are all incorporated in the Nritya Yoga Practice. An experience that truly incorporates the body, mind & spirit; a form of meditation in motion that is spiritually inspiring and soulfully uplifting!! All are welcome!! Video Gallery: http://www.nrityayogadance.com/#!performances/c158d

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