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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Saskatoon

117 20th Street West
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
S7M 0W7
306 955 YOGA(96

For empowerment, vitality, endurance, concentration and personal growth. Kundalini Yoga combines posture, movement, stretches, breath, meditation and mantra to carry us to a deeper awareness of the Authentic Inner Self. Through various sets of Yoga postures, the chakras (energy centres) are awakened and balanced. Each Chakra radiates a particular energy important to our health, state of mind, and general well being. Each chakra is associated with particular aspects of our physical, emotional and mental being, including our talents and skills. We will explore how to further open the chakra centers and balance and elevate their vibration. The spine, ligaments and muscles are strengthened and stretched to develop a strong and flexible body structure. Furthermore, your glandular and nervous systems are energized and balanced, increasing self-healing and vitality, and strengthening the inner core of your body. Ghansham Kaur is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. Our new home is at Hot Yoga on 20th in downtown Saskatoon. Join us in this beautiful space for regular classes, workshops and Kirtans. Check the Hot Yoga on 20th website for details or to register. SAT NAM

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