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Janice Clarfield URBAN YOGA

Vancouver British Columbia

Gentle Meditative Contemplative Hatha Yoga for adults of all ages and bodies ~ Private Yoga, YogaTherapy & Energy Medicine Sessions ~ Preparation for Childbirth - Couples Workshops ~ Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Janice enjoys an international reputation as an inspiring teacher/practitioner of yoga, meditation and energy healing. Janice is based in Vancouver where she consults, teaches classes, workshops and maintains a private practice of yoga therapy and energy medicine. She is known for her warm, gentle and creative approach to guiding clients and students to enjoy being in their bodies, while deepening experience, understanding and enjoyment in the integration of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual well-being. Janice teaches an eclectic, integrative and contemplative approach for adults of all ages and bodies. She also offers yoga therapy for those facing challenging emotional and/or physical health issues and also speciality classes/workshops for pregnant women and expectant couples. Janice has been practicing yoga, meditation and energy medicine for more than 25 years and teaching since 1990. She has studied related body/mind disc

Offers classes & workshops in:

Hatha, Meditation, Prenatal