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Yoga for You: Carina Raisman

5141 St Denis
Montreal Quebec
H2J 2M1

Yoga for You is designed to help you discover all the benefits yoga has to offer you. Through practice, theory, and understanding, yoga will help you find and feel the key components to health. Helping to balance the physical and postural, mental and emotional, and overall energetic systems of the body, yoga practice will restore and maintain the delicate balance of your health.

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Carina Raisman has been practicing Yoga for over fifteen years and teaching for six. She is certified by Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga Yoga, and complements her practice and teaching through various forms. Her main sources of inspiration are Satyananda and Anusara. Carina?s academic history shows clearly her interest in Health Sciences. Graduating with honors from the First Choice Health program, she continues to deepen and broaden her quest for health at McGill U, obtaining a BSc in Microbiology and Immunology. Her studies have provided her the opportunity to study abroad, at the Facult? de Pharmacie in Montpellier, France, allowing her to enrich her knowledge in many fields, namely pharmacology, homeopathy, and plant-therapy. Dance, bodywork, & macrobiotic nutrition have helped her to see what cannot be seen under a microscope: health cannot be pinpointed to a part or a particle, if not the delicate balance of all parts working fluidly together. At present, Carina is devoting time to bridging the gap between modern medicine and Yogatherapy. Through research and collaboration, Carina aims to integrate Yoga into the public health system, making Yoga accessible to all.