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Body in Mind Yoga

2nd floor 130 Main St N
Moose Jaw Saskatchewan
S6H 3j7

Welcome to Body in Mind Yoga We offer a welcoming studio that let's you be you! Experience the newest evolution in yoga teaching right here in Moose Jaw! We offer HOT, WARM and Regular Temperature Classes. Moose Jaw's ONLY Infrared Studio! Whether you want to just renew & breathe, regain flexibility & strength, or get in a total body workout like no other we have the perfect class for you! Not to mention the only infrared hot yoga studio in town! Our Philosophy is simple: we love to practice yoga and have fun. Its natural to feel apprehensive about beginning a new activity let alone yoga. We want you to feel comfortable joining us in the studio and we will be sure your experience is the best. Everyone is welcome to our studio, all levels, first timers to daily yogis. Drop ins welcome. Our teachers are passionate about yoga and hope to make your experience just right for you. We love to talk about all the benefits of practicing yoga and how our philosophy and style will not only make you feel wonderful but you will learn safe and effective ways to move your body, increase your awareness and build the strength and flexibility you need to move with ease throughout your days. You will move with a new found sense of freedom in yoga and in life. Just show up, unroll your mat and get ready to let go and have some fun. One amazing class with us will change the way you feel about yoga! Yoga will change your life! see you on the mat

Offers classes & workshops in:

Gentle, Hot, Meditation, Power, Vinyasa, Yin/Yang

Additional information:

Infrared Hot Yoga Hot Yoga clears out the junk in your body and clears the clutter in your mind. A regular yoga practice helps normalize weight, improve muscle tone and promote good mental & emotional health. Radiant Infrared Heat warms your body, the air and the objects in the room. The studio feels like a warm cocoon The heat gradually allows your body to move more freely as you practice the poses. Supple more pliable muscles more easily in the warmth and you gain flexibility in a healthy way. Releasing tight muscles frees your joints to move the way they were designed reducing excessive wear and tear on the body. The combination of the breath work and the heat in hot yoga can improve your metabolism and can also help in treating cardio vascular conditions.