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Moksha Yoga Peterborough

550 Lansdowne street west Unit 15
Peterborough Ontario
K9J 8J8

Moksha hot yoga is a series of postures practiced in a heated room. The series works to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while detoxifying the body and calming the mind. While each of our instructors brings their own unique experience and style to their teaching, all classes follow a basic structure that is fundamental to the Moksha practice... Savasana or corpse pose is how we begin. Lying flat on the back with the palms turned up and the feet slightly separated, we start a challenging practice in relaxation, allowing our expectations to fall away and be replaced by the potential for pure experience. Intention setting. In any activity setting goals or intentions breeds accomplishment. Often a teacher will set a theme for a class - for example being more aware of your breath, or building the core muscles of the abdomen. Especially for those with a busy life, this brings the experience of a hot yoga class into focus. The standing series is a cardiovascular set of postures. The focus is on building strength, balance and endurance through hot yoga postures done from a standing position. Postures are held anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute, allowing the skin to

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Friday 830 pm class is only $7 as well as Sunday 4 pm. Intro month is only $40. for 20 days of unlimited yoga!