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Tru Hot Yoga Inc.

24 Churchill Cres.
St. Thomas Ontario
N5R 1N9

Our state of the art Eco-friendly studio was created with the yoga student and the environment in mind. We have exceptional teachers to keep you safe during your practice and inspiring people to motivate you to take your yoga off the mat and out into your life. A comfortable seating area is furnished with complimentary herbal teas and reading material to further your yoga journey. We have created a welcoming atmosphere for you to kick back with friends and catch up before or after your class. Take part in our recipe exchange nights and smoothie days. Our studio is more than just a place to sweat. It is a place to grow and thrive. We are here to encourage you to be true to your practice, true to yourself and true to the environment.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Ashtanga, Family, Gentle, Hatha, Hot, Iyengar, Karma, Power, Restorative, Senior`s Program, Vinyasa, Yin

Additional information:

Our state of the art facility is second to none. It has the cleanest air around. The air is cycled outside and cleaned constantly. The humidity is kept at a steady state so you don't have to worry about mold or dry sinuses. Our floors are made of sustainable resources of bamboo and cork. Our changerooms offer biodpaegradeable and recyclable hand towels. Our showers and toilets are low flow, less water usage is better for the environment. We provide mugs for your tea, not disposable cups. Our laundry, hand soap, mat cleaner and all cleaning supplies are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our walls are painted with low VOC paint. Even our light bulbs are energy efficient. Let's all do our part to be True.