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Ahimsa Yoga

440 Bloor St W 2nd Floor
Toronto Ontario Annex

Ahimsa Yoga is a unique practice created to help you realize your highest, truest, most beautiful expression of self. Its progressive, adaptive system has been developed to meet you exactly as you are in this moment, whatever your individual challenges and aspirations might be. Ahimsa�s central purpose is to empower you to move forward, one step at a time, one day at a time, one breath at a time, towards a greater experience of health, happiness and wholeness. The Ahimsa method consists of an innovative arrangement of postures which empower you to use the appropriate degree of ease or intensity that will best serve your unique needs as your practice evolves. It inspires and challenges as your comfort level and experience grows, while recognizing the power of rest and relaxation. It supports you in deepening your yoga experience through connection, introspection, restoration and focus of the mind�s energy. Ahimsa Yoga is rooted in the timeless wisdom of ancient yoga tradition and delivered in a modern, non-dogmatic, and inclusive setting. It is a path to living your fullest potential and creating the life you love. Please come for a visit. We�d love to see you. Introductory month only $30.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Beginner, Gentle, Hatha, Karma, Power, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin

Additional information:

Ahimsa's studio director/owner is J-P Tamblyn-Sabo. He is a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher, teacher of teachers, and the founder of the Ahimsa Yoga method - a style of yoga dedicated to honouring the ancient traditions, while continually refining the physical practice with modern understanding of biomechanics and physiology. J-P�s students appreciate his clear, methodical instructions as well as his supportive and empowering teaching style. His skillful infusion of asana with spiritual depth, and his ability to translate challenging philosophical, anatomical or esoteric concepts into accessible and familiar language are key components of his gifted instruction. He is delightfully married to fellow yoga teacher, Michelle, with whom he has one beautiful baby girl, Penelope Love.