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Gina Rubinsky

51 Westminster
Montreal Quebec
H4X 1Y8

Mindfulness Based Yoga: Mindfulness Based Yoga is a yoga of consciousness and will do more than stretch you and make you strong. It is a unique way to integrate body, mind and spirit, through the development of mindful awareness and through opening to our own inner wisdom. We can then apply the insights gained through this practice to our life off of the yoga mat. This program will offer you the opportunity to both learn and deepen your practice of yoga and meditation with embodied presence. Each class will begin with a period of breathing, followed by warm-ups and yoga postures to which we will bring awareness and compassion, the two wings of mindfulness. The yoga period will conclude with a deep relaxation practice which will be followed by a sitting meditation in which instruction and guidance will be offered. *The program is suitable for all levels of experience. Location: Shanti Yoga Studio, 51 Westminster, Montreal West, Québec, H4X 1Y8 Cost: $130.00 Registration: To register and to reserve your space, please contact Gina at 514-730-7882 or at livingarts@videotron.ca **Early registration is advisable as spaces are limited.

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About Gina Rubinsky: Gina Rubinsky is a registered psychologist in private practice, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Facilitator and Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher. She has been specializing in the area of mindfulness based stress reduction and pain management for the last 20 years in Montreal and Ottawa. She created Living Arts in 2000 which provides private counselling, individual and group yoga classes, mindfulness based stress reduction programs as well as retreats and workshops to individuals as well as organizations, educational institutions community groups and businesses throughout the Montreal area. Gina was amongst the first to introduce the MBSR program to Montreal in 2000 after having completed an internship at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness in Worcester Massachusetts. As an intern in training, under the direction of Jon Kabat-Zinn, the creator of the program, she was committed to sharing its benefits in Montreal upon her return. Her private practice offers mindfulness based psychotherapy, lifestyle counselling, stress and pain management, private and group yoga sessions, retreats as well as individualized MBSR programs. Gina is deeply inspired and committed to sharing what she has learned from her experience of mindfulness practice to support individuals in coming into contact with their own inner resources for healing. She feels privileged to continue to witness its powerful role in cultivating well-being and self-empowerment in the many individuals she has worked with over the years. Other offerings at Living Arts: Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy http://living-arts.ca/counselling.htm Mindfulness Based Stress Management Program http://living-arts.ca/mindfulness.php Mindfulness Based Yoga July 10th - August 14th, 2018 http://living-arts.ca/yoga.htm Living Arts www.living-arts.ca (514-730-7882)