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Partner/Acro Yoga

Sunday July 1st 2018

Location: toronto, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Saturday, July 1TH, 1:OOPM - 7:00pm
Cost: Tuition: $100
Email: info@theflyingyogi.ca
Phone: 647-993-YOGI (9644)

In this course you will learn to incorporate playful and relaxing Partner Yoga poses into your classes and create basic practices for two using the principles of safety, grounding, balance and touch.

This training is open to new and existing yoga teachers. It will help you to learn to communicate with clarity and compassion, develop a greater sense of comfort when working with different students and how to build trusting relationships.

It also assists in developing a deeper connection and understanding of ourselves as students and as teachers. This practice offers the tools to recognize our aversions and conventional assumptions of what we do and do not like, and allow ourselves to connect to other people without fear.

Partner Yoga brings two or more people together through movement, play, breath, touch and intimacy in order to deepen the impact and experience of a yoga practice.

Continued Education Credits: 5 Hours
Tuition: $100