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200+hr Yoga Teacher Training with a Trauma-Informed Focus

Friday September 28th 2018 - Sunday April 14th 2019

Location: Norwood, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Weekends: Friday evening, Saturday/Sunday all day. Wednesday evenings online
Cost: $2995, early bird $2700 until June 15, 2018
Email: wavelengths@gmail.com
Phone: (705)933-9283

This new and ground-breaking Yoga Teacher Training program draws on the latest research into yoga, trauma, and functional movement, while staying true to the roots of yoga. Our faculty has extensive experience instructing and directing yoga teacher trainings, and we’ve invited experts in the field of functional movement, yoga therapy, trauma, nutrition, and personal coaching, to provide a broad perspective.

Our aim is to help you become a safe and effective yoga teacher, able to design your own classes for a variety of students. If you’re already a yoga teacher, there is so much more to learn, and this program offers a unique insight into yoga from a multi-facetted approach and through various learning media (lecture with audio/video support, working through the class manual, observing demonstrations, practice teaching, study-buddy support, reading, group work, one-on-one with the director, group classes, observing others teaching and practicing, Q&A sessions, and many other modes of learning that support a variety of learning and teaching styles).

A large percentage of the time we spend together (8 weekends spread out over 6 months) at the studio will be engaged in “doing” and “being,” rather than listening to lectures. We’re saving as much of the theory as possible for the online sessions (36 hours), where you can be comfortable at home with your pets and/or favourite tea and participate in online learning (or watch the class later as a recorded session). We will explore yoga philosophy, ethics and the business of teaching yoga in our online sessions. We will also do some guided meditations and interactive discussions.

Our program wraps up with a 3-day retreat (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch) at Harmony Dawn retreat centre near Hastings, where we will celebrate the journey of learning and self-discovery that we’ve travelled together through the training.

The curriculum fulfills the requirements for 200 hour certification through Wavelengths Yoga and Yoga Alliance.

Please email wavelengths@gmail.com to receive a comprehensive information package.