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Healthy Shoulders Workshop at Breathe Yoga Studio

Sunday January 14th 2018

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Daily Schedule: 2-4:00pm
Cost: $45+HST
Phone: 416-926-9642

‘SHOULDERS’ is a general term that can vary greatly in meaning. From the mythological to the daily grind of lugging and toting our personal belongings, the shoulders are an important part of the anatomy to understand.

IN THIS WORKSHOP we will examine the anatomical structure of the shoulder joint, its relation to the upper body and study the key supportive musculature.

YOUR YOGA PRACTICE offers the opportunity to strengthen the upper body while not restricting range of motion. A balance of strength and flexibility is key in eliminating the chronic tightness of neck and shoulders. This will create ease in weight bearing yoga poses, improve your posture, eliminate chronic neck and shoulder pain and be of great assistance in carrying out daily activities.

Students of all levels are welcome to attend this workshop.

FOR YOGA TEACHERS: You will learn helpful techniques to pass on to your students, including learning to assess reasons for your students’ shoulder issues and assist them in correcting misalignment in yoga practice that can cause shoulder pain.
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