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Peaceful Tranquility Circle "Colour Energy"

Monday December 4th 2017

Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Monday, December 4, 2017. 7:00-8:30
Cost: $20.00 Preregistration and prepayment are required to reserve your space. Please contact studio for information.
Phone: 416-409-7932

"Peaceful Tranquility Circles" provide you with a unique meditation experience to encourage the calming of the mind and the release of the outside world.

The essence of this meditation experience will focus on being present in the moment and allowing yourself to release from the day to day matters of the real world.

We all have thoughts, feelings, expectations or doubts that need to be released so that we can bring peace, quiet and stillness to the mind.

Ultimately, the goal is to focus on letting everything go and permitting yourself to be physically present in the moment, holding space for yourself, but letting your mind go where it is guided to go.

I am a Usui Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki Practitioner. I will call upon the Reiki energy and fill the space with positive healing energy. This month we will work with colour energy as well as the Reiki energy.

Reiki energy brings peace and relaxation to a person permitting the body to support its own natural healing abilities.

Mats, pillows, blankets and bolsters will be available to make the floor space comfortable for you.

If the floor is not an option for you, I do have a Reiki chair. Please inform me of this need when reserving your space.