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RESTORATIVE/ RoundBody Workshop

Sunday May 6th 2018

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Saturday & Sunday - 12:00 – 7:30 pm
Cost: $125 / $100 if registering by Feb 16th
Email: info@theflyingyogi.ca
Phone: 647-993-YOGI (9644)

Restorative Yoga Basics: An Exploration of Active Relaxation

LISA is a healing & creative artist, wellness/body/energy work practitioner, and teacher of movement & yoga. Since 2002, she has been teaching yoga of various styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, SlowFlow, Hot Yoga, Power, HouseYoga, Yin & Restorative.

For several years, she has been drawn to more therapeutic styles of yoga, as well as a more slow & mindful practice. In this course, you will learn Lisa's approach to teaching restorative yoga. She carefully combines touch, scent, sound, light to create a safe space conducive to deep relaxation & restoration.

This will be a basic introduction to the world of restorative yoga, therefore no prior experience is required. You will learn the foundations of this active relaxation practice.

Specifically, you will receive:
A clear understanding of the origins and philosophy of restorative practice
A sequence designed by Lisa and demonstrated with and without props

Time to practice postures in both roles of teacher/guide & student/recipient
A special restorative session combined with Thai Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy

Continued Education Credits: 4 Hours