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15 Hour Yoga and the Spine Immersion, Sudbury

Friday April 20th 2018 - Sunday April 22nd 2018

Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Starts Friday April 20 at 7:00pm Total of 15 hours
Phone: 705-586-3553

This fifteen hour series explores yoga and applied anatomy: how yoga can help the spine, theory and practice, as well as postural analysis for each student. Students will receive an overview of the physiology of how properly applied yoga helps the spine, how the spine is impacted by daily life, and a special yoga routine for the spine.
From this foundation, students will move into experiencing elongation and natural curves of the spine. Students will learn how to create length in the spine and to protect the vertebral column and organs. We will be experiencing applied anatomy and looking at the spine as well as practicing yoga to understand the effect of gravity and mechanics. Students will find a new sense of space, alignment, and length in their spine and pelvis. Themes (as time allows) include:

Experiential Anatomy: Understanding Standing, Walking, into Standing Poses, Forward Bends, and Backbends
Yoga for the Lower Lumbar Spine, Sacrum and Pelvis
Protecting your Spine in the World
Upper Back, and Spinal Curves
Yoga for Thoracic, and Cervical Spine: Back bends that feel fabulous and heal the spine.
Yoga for Scoliosis – Theory and Practice
This immersion fulfills requirements for continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance and CanFit Pro.

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