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50-hr Fascial Stretch Yoga Teacher Training

Friday July 20th 2018 - Sunday August 19th 2018

Location: London, Ontario
Cost: $925 + HST
Email: info@devatree.com
Phone: 519-520-9933

With Brenda Dowell, E-RYT 1000

Leading edge research reveals fascia is no longer considered a static sheet of connective tissue. Fascia is a living system in the body with it’s own consciousness, and ability to respond in a revolutionary way.

This course combines yoga and fascial release to learn how to holistically care for our body, mind, and soul. Discover how to balance static and dynamic poses that will strengthen, stretch, and release your physical body. We’ll delve deeper into fascial nets and how they influence movement, supporting us to move more freely. The ground-breaking information you learn will inform your practice—and how you move in the world—and support you to live in a more integrated way.