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Chiang Mai with Wise Living Yoga Academy

Yoga Teacher Training Advanced 300 hrs - November 2018 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sunday November 11th 2018 - Friday December 21st 2018

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Cost: Discounted fee: USD 1,900 - (For accommodation in twin sharing - for bookings before 1st September 2018)
Email: info@wiselivingyoga.com
Phone: +66 (0) 8254 67995

300 hours Teacher Training Program. The training is divided into 3 modules of 100 hours each. The students can choose to attend 1 or more modules. The Sadhaka (aspirant) will be guided and oriented on the foundational aspects of Pure Ayurveda or the Science of Nature Cure and Shatkarmas (Yogic kriyas for internal cleansing). The program aims at allowing the students to deepen their knowledge and experience in Yoga through the traditional methods of Swadhyaya (Advanced studies of Traditional Texts & Self-study) & on Yogic Sadhana (Personal practice). This also includes reinforcing discipline, fasting and self-reflection.

All the students engaged in advanced training are expected to maintain a personal and regular practice while staying in the ashram. Daily Sadhana and Karma Yoga is a part of the training. The Sadhana will include:
Meditation (Individual or in Group);
Physical Education - Asanas & Pranayamas (Individual or in Group);
Yogic Hygiene (Shatkarmas & Kriyas);

Other personal practices and observances will be followed according to the student’s need and under direct orientation of a Senior Teacher. This will include practice of mauna (silence), upwas (fasting) during specific timings or following a specific diet program if required

Cost: USD 1,900 All inclusive as usual (for the 6 week program)

Please visit our website and check the page "Course Structure' to learn more about the Category of Disciplines and Description of the Course Syllabus:

- All old students of Wise Living Yoga Academy are welcome to apply for this program and come to stay with us in our Ashram located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai:

Namaskar, Om Shanti