Teacher Training Programs Abroad

Chiang Mai with Wise Living Yoga Academy

Ayurveda & Nature Cure 100 hrs - June 2018 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sunday November 11th 2018 - Saturday November 24th 2018

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Cost: 750 USD
Email: info@wiselivingyoga.com
Phone: +66 (0) 8254 67995

100 hr Certificate Course in Nature Cure & Principles of Ayurveda

Toxicity & diseases, Nutrition & elimination
Discover your body type
Balance your system with Ayurveda
Understand true nature of your mind and body
Concept of nutrition according to Ayurvda
Purification and weight management
Transform yourself and your digestion
Ayurvedic vegan recipes, herbs and spices
Meditation, asana & organic gardening

Registration: info@wiselivingyoga.com