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Yoga Asana Beyond Basics

Thursday May 10th 2018 - Wednesday May 23rd 2018

Location: London, Ontario
Daily Schedule: 6 am to 10.30 am, Monday to Friday
Cost: $995 + HST
Email: savyint@gmail.com
Phone: 5197012609

Embark upon an exciting journey of self-development into your ability to align, strengthen, open and expand into the deepening knowledge and practice of yoga postures.
This course takes you towards the depths of postures, allowing you to feel safe, confident and supported to progress in your own time. Through a step-by-step approach, learn and build postures from the foundation up, putting the jigsaw puzzle together skillfully into the whole complete understanding of the pose. Be aware, accept and step forward fearlessly. You will be guided to begin from where you are, embracing your own comfort level and creating dynamic and unique expressions of postures. Feel these poses deeply to know them - as you experience the excitement of these asanas in your own body, you will also learn how to teach these postures to your students with safety and elegance.
Yoga Asana Beyond Basics is a profound journey of unlearning and relearning that will support you towards more understanding, fluidity, strength and expansion on your mat that will reflect in daily life. Our aim is to empower and inspire you to create greater understanding, flexibility, strength, power, freedom and joy in your lives. In this course, we blend the passion for supporting others with our experience, deep study and teaching of physical and energetic alignment, that finds its way into your mind.
It is a powerful program that honors uniqueness and guides each student into the new world within. Bring a willingness to playfully open to the vast potential and feel the joy within your body, mind and heart.