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Crafting Classes and Workshops

Thursday May 24th 2018 - Monday June 4th 2018

Location: London, Ontario
Daily Schedule: 6 am to 10.30 am, Monday to Friday
Cost: $695 + HST
Email: savyint@gmail.com
Phone: 5197012609

Designing Yoga Classes and Workshops requires a deep understanding and 'feel' of the subject. Once you have identified your audience, you can surmise what they might be interested in and need. You'll want to design a unique, interesting Class / Workshop that is different from what they might get at a regular yoga studio. So, you have to learn to think outside the box.
Yoga Classes and Workshops seek to work and satisfy the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of Yoga students and that's why it seems important to analyze how these needs are to be met spatially by the architects - the Yoga Teachers. Many of the operations in Yoga spaces create enabling environments for reflection, introspection, healing, and therefore could also have a great healing effect. For several decades, the Yoga practices and techniques have strongly influenced the serious students of Yoga.
This program aims to provide all these tools and teaches the architecture of functional, environmental, and aesthetic of sequencing a Yoga Class and designing a Yoga Workshop.