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Integrated Anatomy and Therapeutics - I

Tuesday June 5th 2018 - Thursday June 14th 2018

Location: London, Ontario
Daily Schedule: 6 am to 10.30 am, Monday to Friday
Cost: $695 + HST
Email: savyint@gmail.com
Phone: 5197012609

This course lays the foundation of Anatomy, Physiology and also educates you about the energy system of the body.
In traditional way, anatomy is taught topographically. This approach was developed to map the body structures and categorize its parts. Everyday function is integrated and multidimensional, not isolated. Topographical anatomy does not answer complex functional questions such as: how do the spine, pelvis, arms and legs function as an integrated system as in real life.
Also, topographical Anatomy does not talk about the energy systems of the body.
The Yoga professional must learn traditional anatomy for accurate communication purposes and the integrated anatomy for functional and energetic purposes. The anatomical terms provide you anatomical terminology both traditionally and functionally and energetically to describe the body and the interaction of its many parts and energy systems.