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Pure Pregnancy: Online Prenatal Yoga & Meditation Program (Start Anytime!)

Sunday December 30th 2018 - Monday December 31st 2018

Location: Ontario
Cost: Sale: $40 (Reg $89!)

Pure Pregnancy is an online prenatal yoga program like no other. It is designed for parents-to-be that want something more from their birth preparation. You will still learn about the typical physical experiences of pregnancy and birth, but you will also go deeper by learning how to enhance the spiritual experience as well. Based on yogic principles you will practice yoga, use meditations, simple chanting, complete self-reflection exercises, and connect with a community of like-minded parents to experience pregnancy and birth for all its worth. We want you to have an empowered birth and feel connected with your baby throughout the process.

By joining the Pure Pregnancy program you will receive:
~Educational videos explaining the birth process
~Prenatal yoga classes and poses to ease the different stages of pregnancy & labour
~Guided meditations to help you relax and connect with your baby
~Breathing techniques to help you relax and reduce discomfort
~Reflection exercises to release fears and anxiety surrounding birth
~DIY Recipes for pre- and post-natal skin products
~Access to an online community of like-minded parents
~New content as it is added to the course!
~Unlimited access to the course (No need to purchase again for future pregnancies!)

Pure Pregnancy is offered as an 8-week online program, but you can choose to complete it at your own pace. You might complete it faster or slower depending on your needs, schedule, and interests. The program includes 8 modules as well as several resources. Each module includes educational videos, yoga practices, breathing exercises, meditations, and more!

Module 1: Determining Your Birth Style
Identify your unique birth style and start to uncover some of the conscious and unconscious beliefs you have surrounding birth that may affect your birthing experience.

Module 2: Managing Pregnancy Symptoms
Pregnancy can be an exciting time but it can also come with some challenges. Learn how to manage some of the common discomforts of pregnancy using yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques. You will also learn about the relationship between fear and pain in this model and begin releasing some of your fears.

Module 3: Stages of Labour
Learn about the different stages of labour and how they may affect your body, mind, and spirit. You will also begin to examine some of the language surrounding birth and how they may affect your experience of pain, strength, and empowerment during pregnancy and birth.

Module 4: Early Labour
Discover the changes you will experience during the early labour stage and learn some effective strategies to relax during this stage of labour. You will learn some yoga practices, breathing, and meditative practices to support you early on during the birth process.

Module 5: Active Labour
As labour progresses you may want to switch up some of your strategies. During active labour you will learn some new yoga positions, breathing techniques, and some great visualizations to connect with your baby and help your labour progress.

Module 6: Transition Labour
As you complete the final stages of dilation you will be turning inwards and really connecting with the primal experience of birth. Learn some simple strategies to prepare for this intense experience.

Module 7: Birthing Baby
Relaxing into the stage of birthing your baby and meeting them for the first time is one of the most rewarding stages of birth. Start to practice breathing techniques to relax the pelvic floor and visualize the ideal gentle birth.

Module 8: Postpartum Self-Care
After your beautiful baby has arrived and you settle into the love of your new family, it is important to also take care of your needs and recovery. Learn about the safe return to exercise and prepare some home remedies to help your body heal and recover from the major transition of pregnancy to birth.

Additional Resources
Continue your research and support by gaining access to additional book recommendations, videos, products, pamphlets, websites, and more!