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50-hour Yoga for Longevity

Friday April 27th 2018 - Sunday June 17th 2018

Location: London, Ontario
Cost: $925 + HST
Email: info@devatree.com
Phone: 519-520-9933

With Lotus Why, RYT 500

2 weekends: Apr. 27-29 & June 15-17, 2018

According to Stats Canada, for the first time ever, there are now more people age 65 and over than there are under age 15. Yoga can be a key support through the changes, challenges, breakthroughs and discoveries of this powerful time of life.

Yoga for Longevity is about living life fully through the transition of aging and dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that occur. Making yoga adaptable for all abilities, this course will support you in teaching yoga to an aging population, those with limited mobility, or rehabilitating from illness or injury.

These populations are often in need of support coping with aches, pains, being dependent on others, and the loss of dignity that accompanies these changes. Yoga can provide that support. Whether through temporary setbacks or long-term illness—or just the fact that human beings age—we need to offer a different yoga during this period of change.

Change is inevitable. As yoga teachers, we are not meant to fix whatever may be going on with the individual, but instead we’re there to help them stand in that place of transition. In this highly inclusive course you will learn chair yoga sequences, yoga modifications, breath practices, meditations and brain training sets that will help you enhance the flow of energy in a diverse population.

As people age or come to terms with their limitations, the essence of who they are will always remain. As yoga teachers, when we treat our students as whole beings we can support their independence and empower them to honour where they are on their life’s journey.