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Yoga Basics at Breathe Yoga & Wellness

Saturday October 13th 2018 - Saturday November 3rd 2018

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Saturdays 9:30am - 10:30am
Cost: $99 + HST
Phone: 416-926-9642

Everyone has the ability to start and flourish in yoga, regardless of age, level of flexibility and physical condition. This 4 week absolute beginner yoga series is recommended for anyone beginning yoga and wishes to establish a solid foundation in the practice.

Take this opportunity to learn why millions of North Americans have taken up yoga and found it so easy to stick with it. Join other absolute beginners and explore:

the foundations of yoga, including standing and sitting postures
breathing techniques

Each week we will explore a new dimension of the practice including:

synchronizing breath to movement
alignment details
muscles used in specific poses
physical benefits of poses

During the process you can expect to improve your overall fitness level by gaining strength, increasing your flexibility and balance capability and improve your
cardiovascular fitness