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Saturday March 16th 2019

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia
Daily Schedule: 8:30 to 5:00 Breaks & Lunch Included
Cost: before Nov 1, $247 after $277 Accreditation Exam Included
Phone: 1 855 4 CILICA / 1 855 424 5422

Participation is limited to offer you more hands-on, personal approach to improving your knowledge which is a catalyst for excellent outcomes in all areas of your life.

Physical Self-Care – proper posture, movement, contribute the benefits of correct breathing for exercise and healthy living.

Mindful Self-Care – correct breathing increases your mental capacity for thinking clarity, logic, problem-solving and improved moods long term. Also, improves short and long-term memory.

Diversity – Adapt and build your breathing to benefit your health, activities and when you are unwell. Increase your productivity, increased awareness and patient.

Practice Plan – yoga, meditation and mindfulness are taught to prepare your body, mind and increase energy for optimal breath.

Fundamentals Taught:

A routine of yoga – exercise, breathing and meditation to promote proper breath control by expanding the thorax and chest

Anatomy and Physiology of the breathing / respiratory system, opening the thorax, expanding the chest

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama: Purification of the Nervous System (Long-term purification of the neurobiology as a result of proper breathing)

The consequences of weak breathing on your health both physically and mentally

The benefits of correct deep breaths in your brain, cognitive skills and the function of your body

Five habits to maintain correct breath control, and increase stamina for physical exercise

Introduction fundamental to advanced pranayama techniques that increase energy, core strength and respiratory health

Gratitude and Compassion

Action Plan to maintain quality breathing for a happier life.

How to incorporate and teach techniques taught for those wanting to be certified.

Application in yogasana:

intent and applications to improve pranayama (breathing energy) through yogasana

standing, seated, forward bends, twists and restorative asanas (exercises)