Teacher Training Programs Abroad

Brighton with Cilica

Embrace the Power of Healing Energy

Sunday October 27th 2019

Location: Brighton, Uk
Daily Schedule: 8:30 to 17:00 Lunch & Refreshments included
Cost: before 1 June £157 after £187 Accreditation Exam Offered
Email: uk@cilica.me
Phone: 44 20 33 188 421

Participation is limited to offer you more hands-on, personal approach to improving your knowledge which is a catalyst for excellent outcomes in all areas of your life.


A routine of yoga – exercise, breathing and meditation for self-healing

What is energetic anatomy

Understand the energetic life system and energy channels, centres and fields emanate from the earth, plants, animals

Introduce dynamic, energetic states to increase profound influents on your interactions with others

Understand the impact of your energy on others, and theirs on you to relate to unexplained moods, illnesses, feelings of guilt and more

What is self-healing and how to use it to your benefit and others in your life

Pranayama / breathing techniques to initiate positive energy healing

How to Protect yourself from harmful and invasive energies

Learn the multiple, interactive energy fields in the body that in your body can heal, regulate internal heating system; and when blocked can negate circulation, create hot spots, and cause negative thinking

The benefits of healing touch energy and how to manifest and use it

Spiritual Attunement

Energy meditation, prayer and healing to balance, engage and cleanse your subtle energy

How to incorporate and teach techniques taught for those wanting to be certified.


intent and applications to improve initiate self-healing through yogasana

standing, seated, in-depth & advanced pranayama and restorative asanas (exercises)

mindfulness and specific meditation

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