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New Moon Nature Immersion - Yoga and Glamping in Quebec

Friday October 5th 2018 - Sunday October 7th 2018

Location: Mont-Tremblant, QC, Quebec
Daily Schedule: Yoga Hiking Great Food Fresh Air Glamping
Cost: $368 - $538 per person + tax depending on lodging choices. What is included*: * 2 nights accommodations in a shared eco-cabin, linens included * 6 healthy, locally sourced meals * 3 yoga classes in Natural Wellness Centre * 2 guided wilderness experiences * New Moon Manifesting Workshop * Use of of Terra Perma walking trails, canoes, kayaks, gardens
Phone: 5145607116

After a busy summer we long to get out and breathe fresh air, stretch our limbs and our mind and connect to Mother Nature!
Retreats allow us to pause from our every day lives and reflect. In the space and peace we create by stopping we allow new wisdom to emerge. Listening to Nature’s presence inside you, your INTUITION, your GUT, your HUNCH - whatever you want to call it, tapping into your own and Nature’s wisdom is the key to unlocking a happy, healthy life. The new moon is an auspicious time to set intentions and make agreements with the universe!

What’s trying to emerge from you in this moment?

Wake up in a budding forest, listen to rivers running, walk through the woods to a yoga class in front of a raring fire, eat a delicious local breakfast, spend time in the woods and enjoy some quiet time for reflection. Learn about how you and nature are made of the same magic. Eat a nutritious supper of food grown on the very land you are sitting on, have interesting conversation round the campfire, go to bed to the sounds of loons calling to each other across the lake.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Join us for this 3 day yoga and glamping experience at the beautiful and rustic Terra Perma in Harrington, Quebec.

This weekend of fresh air, great food, physical practice, and pause will leave you feeling alive, awake to the beauty of the world around you, and at home within yourself.

Take some time for your soul this weekend. Nourish yourself with forest walks, workshops, yoga classes, good night sleeps and quiet mornings. Come alone or bring a good friend and allow time to slow down for a few days as you melt into the rhythm of nature.

What to expect from this nature –immersion glamping experience:
• A renewed sense of calm and relaxation
• Support in unveiling your goals and dreams, and the next steps towards reaching them
• Tools and techniques to connect to the beauty of nature
• Practices you can take home to maintain this connection to nature
• Time to relax, unwind, and connect to the beauty of simplicity