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Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Friday June 22nd 2018 - Sunday June 24th 2018

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Friday June 22 ->5:00pm-10:00pm(30 minute break) Saturday June 23 -> 3:15pm-10:00pm(30 minute break) Sunday June 24 ->3:15pm-10:00pm (30 minute break)
Cost: Cost: $400 (not subject to HST)
Email: danforth@theyogasanctuary.ca
Phone: (416)461-6161

This Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training is for practitioners of various modalities, who want to increase, deepen and improve their knowledge of the changes experienced in both the pre-natal and post-natal body.

This course will help build confidence in working with women at all stages of pregnancy and those with newborns. Knowledge gained from this course will enable you to integrate pregnant women into existing public yoga classes and to teach specialty pre-natal classes.

This training will focus on adapting asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques). Together we will explore mudras, sounding and chanting for the maximum safety and benefit of the mama to be!

This course is designed for yoga teachers, doulas, nurses, midwives and yoga 'teachers-to-be', presenting a consistent yogic approach to the experience of childbirth.

Participants will:
Receive instruction on the basics of anatomy and stages of pregnancy
Practice poses and breathing techniques beneficial for pregnancy
Practice hands-on assists for pregnant women in a variety of poses
Receive basic anatomical information on cautions and contraindications of various poses
Learn sequences that help relieve mothers' discomfort from lifting, nursing and carrying a baby
Receive information on the physical and hormonal changes occurring in a new mother's body
Receive instruction on sequences to alleviate lower back discomfort and core integration

A certificate of completion will be granted upon successful completion of the course.:
17 Faculty led hours
3 Homework Assignment hours due Sunday July 8, 2018.

This course can be used towards Continuing Education hours.