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Restorative Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Shanti, Wolfe Island

Monday July 9th 2018 - Thursday July 12th 2018

Location: Wolfe Island, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Monday, July 9th Arrival - any time after 2pm 3:30pm - Welcome gathering and Introduction 4:00pm - Gentle Yoga Class 5:00pm - Restorative Yoga & Massage Group 1 7:00pm - Dinner 8:30pm - Restorative Yoga & Massage Group 2 Tuesday, July 10th 7:15
Cost: $650 + HST
Phone: 647-713-2887

This indulgent mid-week retreat is designed to help you both re-energize and deeply relax, restoring and nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

Throughout your stay, enjoy sumptuous vegetarian meals that will help you feel fresh and energized. You may wish to paddle by canoe or kayak, jump on the water trampoline, swim in the river, or take an infrared sauna in the lodge. Join Leslie Cranston and Emily Bartlett in daily meditation classes, gentle yoga classes, workshops on Yoga Philosophy and Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Grove's signature Restorative Yoga with Massage class.

Highly extolled by past participants, our Restorative Yoga with Massage class is the ultimate in relaxation. Enjoy soothing music, essential oils, and massage while you are draped in cotton blankets and relaxing deeply in fully supported restorative yoga poses. This class will be done at separate times in small groups, ensuring maximum personal attention for everyone.

Our all-inclusive price includes all meals, accommodation, classes and workshops. No prior yoga experience is necessary, and all activities are optional, should you decide that sleeping in is your yoga for the morning.

Experience deep emotional and physical release as you immerse yourself in yoga, meditation and nutrition, away from it all amid the calm, serene beauty of Wolfe Island in its summer splendour.