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with BreatheMoveBe

Module 1 of Advanced Yoga Specialty Training - Restorative and Chair Yoga

Tuesday August 7th 2018 - Tuesday August 28th 2018

Daily Schedule: Tuesday's 6-8 pm
Cost: $150.00 (US Funds) - Restorative $150.00 (US Funds) - Chair
Phone: 306 270 8638

Launching the Advanced Yoga Specialty Training Program with Module 1!

The AYST program was specially designed for existing 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teachers who are looking for any of the following:

•Yoga Alliance Recognized Continuing Education Credit - We are a YACEP provider with the Yoga Alliance, and all of the hours count toward meeting your continuing education requirements.

•Specialty Area Certificate - Our program provides valuable training in specific yoga specialty areas. You can select the individual specialty area(s) in which you would like to be certified.

•300/500 Hour Master Certificate (M-AYST) - Accrue hours to qualify for a 300 or 500 hour Master Certificate with the emphasis of your choice in Therapeutics, Touch, or Wellness Coaching.

The AYST program consists of a variety of Modules that focus on different aspects of yoga specialty training, therapeutics, touch, and wellness coaching. You can take each AYST Modules separately for the purpose of receiving a certificate in that area or to acquire YA-approved continuing education credit. Or, you may accrue hours toward a 300 or 500 M-AYST certificate.