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Advanced Anatomy and Movement Therapy Retreat

Thursday October 25th 2018 - Sunday October 28th 2018

Location: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Cost: $775-$925
Phone: 778-883-9642

Join Dr. Robyn Land, Dr. Nikita Vizniak and Andrew Dow for this all-inclusive, educational and inspiring weekend retreat at Stowel Lake Farm on Saltspring Island.

Deepen your knowledge and your practice! This three-night retreat is for registered massage therapists, yoga teachers and anyone else with a keen interest in movement therapies. With days filled with yoga, continuing education lectures and delicious meals, your time with us on Salt Spring will inspire, rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit!

The retreat program focuses on anatomy, kinesiology and bio-mechanical components. Our evidence-based approach combines these topics with tissue-specific identification and injury-based pose modifications. We will review muscles, joints and fascia, reinforcing how compensation in one region causes imbalance in other regions. We will identify prime movers, synergists and antagonists though movement therapies. You will learn to incorporate reciprocal inhibition and relaxation techniques to create greater healing potential in your patients or students.

While packed with info and learning, there will be lots of time for yoga classes, group discussion, and individual reflection throughout your time at Stowel Lake.