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50-hr Hands On Assists

Thursday September 13th 2018 - Sunday October 14th 2018

Location: London, Ontario
Daily Schedule: Thursday: 7am - 9pm Friday: 7am - 5pm Saturday: 7am - 5pm Sunday: 7am - 5pm
Cost: $925 plus HST
Email: info@devatree.com
Phone: 519-520-9933

If you’ve ever experienced an incredible hands-on assist (sometimes called adjustment) in a yoga class, you know it can be the “light bulb moment” that helped you truly understand the energy of a posture.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever received a not-so-helpful yoga adjustment (it can happen to anyone), it can be a confusing or even upsetting experience.

Directed by Brenda Dowell, E-RYT 1000

When we connect with our students with a clear intention, open heart, and healthy boundaries, physical touch can heal and empower ourselves and others.This Cross-Disciplinary training will enhance your observation skills, and your ability to recognize common misalignments in your classes. Explore both energetic and alignment-based assists to keep your students physically and emotionally safe. Many teachers find it challenging to provide hands-on assists to individuals, while staying connected to the class as a whole. This course will build your confidence as a teacher, and help you find a teaching rhythm that balances individual and group needs. You’ll learn practical tools and techniques, and get direct experience giving and receiving assists throughout the training. Graduates can use the knowledge they gain to expand their menu of services, providing private yoga sessions and specialized workshops.