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Sacred Couples 3-Day Immersion

Friday August 10th 2018 - Sunday August 12th 2018

Location: Camrose, Alberta
Daily Schedule: Daily 8am-5pm
Cost: $450 per person, which includes a comprehensive yogic-diet meal plan (breakfasts, lunches and dinners over 3 days)
Phone: 780-678-2538

Experience the life-changing science of Kundalini Yoga to transform your intimate partnership into a vehicle for spiritual growth.

Learn yoga sets, meditations and many other techniques to communicate better, resolve conflicts without the drama, embrace your gender polarities, make intimacy sacred, be safe in vulnerability, build trust, and renew your bond.

$450/person, includes all-natural gluten-free yogic diet meal plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to support you in yoga and meditation

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