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The Beth Rutty School of Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Training

Friday October 26th 2018 - Tuesday October 18th 2022

Location: Meaford, Ontario
Daily Schedule: The Beth Rutty School of Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Training will consist of Mandatory Immersion Modules and Elective Modules (totalling 270 contact hours) that will take a minimum of 18 months and a maximum of 36 months to complete.
Cost: The cost for the Mandatory Immersion Modules is $2300 (tax in) and the cost for the Elective Modules will vary depending on the presenter and the number of hours offered, but most likely will total anywhere from $2200-2700. The Elective Modules can be taken at anytime, but it is recommended that you take the Mandatory Modules in the order of offering to keep the momentum of learning. Most likely you will make deep connections with classmates taking them at the same time.   Upon registering for the course, you will be asked to pay a deposit of $800 (which is the cost for the first 2 Mandatory Immersions Modules) to hold your spot. The rest will a be a pay-as-you-go plan until 6 weekends have been completed ($2300 has been paid). The Elective Modules can be paid for as the subjects come up, with a deposit to hold your spot 1 month before the date. If you’re interested in taking some of the Elective Modules independently of the entire 300 hour course, then just register 1 month before the start date. If you decide to complete the 300 hour course after the fact, all of the credits for the Elective Modules can be counted (retro-active up to 3 years). Those registered in the 300 hour program will get a 10% discount on the prices listed for the electives.  You may start the course at any time and take up to 4 years to complete. 
Email: beth@bethruttyyoga.com
Phone: 9055100656

The electives are offered throughout the year and a sampling can also be found at https://www.bethruttyyoga.com/yoga-teacher-training

The successful completion of the Beth Rutty School of Yoga 300 hour course will certify you with a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher designation. This is not a Yoga Alliance registered program, but you can receive Continuing Education Credits as Beth is an ERYT 500 with them. All Mandatory Immersion Modules and corresponding assignments as well as Elective Modules totalling 270 contact hours must be completed to receive a Certificate for 300 hours from the Beth Rutty School of Yoga.


a qualified 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (prior to registration for 300 hours)

a filled out and approved application (for this course) by Beth Rutty

a deposit of $800 to hold your spot

Mandatory Immersion Modules (144 hours)

Yoga Immersions Content:

review/teaching of key asana

review/teaching of key pranayama

review/teaching of verbal and hands-on assists

practice teaching; cuing/language, sequencing, theming

individual guidance/mentoring/goal setting

Philosophy & Chanting

Advanced Anatomy

For more information (full curriculum) or to register contact Beth Rutty at beth@bethruttyyoga.com or call or text 905-510-0656.