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YOGA SCHOOL ~ 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Self-Development Program

Wednesday September 12th 2018 - Wednesday April 10th 2019

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Cost: 3200 + hst
Email: shawna.turner@gmail.com
Phone: 289.230.9642

Yoga School is a 200 hour yoga teacher training and self-development program based in the Hatha yoga tradition.

You will learn the ins and outs of the classic Hatha yoga postures as well as how to intelligently and creatively sequence them together in the Vinyasa yoga style.

The idea is to come away from the training with the tools to continue on a path of self-discovery. To receive some sort of insight into your own world, the world around you and the vast beauty of the yoga world. To be inspired to keep on learning. To be infused with enough passion and curiosity to continue to ask questions - to continue to brush up against the edge of challenge in order to grow.

The hope is that you will leave the training with enough know-how and courage to share what you've learned with others. Whether that be in a class setting, or with your partner, your family, co-workers, friends and community. To embrace the practice with such openness that it seeps into your cells and oozes out in the way you speak, think and behave. This program is for you to ignite change. To encourage you to truly embrace a yogic lifestyle. One filled with more compassion, ease and grace.

You will learn anatomy, both physical and the subtle body. We will spend time with the energetics of the practice; pranayama, mythology, meditation, chakras.

There will be time spent with the practice of Pilates. An essential look at the Pilates principles as well as how to to properly move and engage from the core 'center' of the body.

In order to balance out the yang aspect of the practice, you will also learn fundamentals of yin yoga and restorative.

Other modules include:
functional anatomy
art of assisting
the power of sound
business of yoga

This program is for those looking to teach, as well as those simply looking for an opportunity to spend some time in personal study and reflection.

We will meet weekly throughout the program on Wednesday nights from 6-10pm, in a four weeks on, one off type fashion. There will also be four intensive weekends throughout the seven months, with a full month off over the winter holidays.

Think this could be the program for you??? Message Shawna at shawna.turner@gmall.com to begin the application process.

This program is for you if you are looking for change. Empowerment. Transformation. Love.

visit www.shawnaturner.ca/teacher-trainings for full schedule details