Online event

with Reena Davis Yoga & Wellness

14 Day Body Reset

Saturday October 13th 2018 - Friday October 26th 2018

Daily Schedule: varies- meal preparation, daily tracking of energy levels, sleep, and other items through an app (provided). Also, movement activities are encouraged.
Cost: $97 for a single person, sign up in 2 or more and get half off ($48.50 per person).
Phone: 902-719-0326

The 14 day body reset is a gentle cleanse aimed at discovering the foods that work for you. You will received guidance throughout the period including the 2 day preparation period, 7 day cleanse and the 5 day reintroduction phase. Ongoing support will be available over email as well as through group meetings over zoom.

The price includes the app to track your progress, documentation related to foods that are included and which should be avoided, several body reset recipes and meal plans as well as health coaching online over zoom every 3 days during the 14 day period.

Is it time to do a check in to see what your body is in need of? This is the perfect way to do it - no starving, feeling nourished and supported. The only ting you have to lose is a few pounds!