Yoga Workshops & Retreats in Canada

Yoga events from our member’s in British Columbia Yoga workshops, events & retreats

Salt Spring Island, bc

Advanced Anatomy and Movement Therapy Retreat

Thursday October 25th 2018 - Sunday October 28th 2018

Port Moody, bc

Self-Mastery through Meditation

Saturday February 2nd 2019

Port Moody, bc

Embrace Your Healing Energy

Sunday February 3rd 2019

Chilliwack, bc

Not My Fault

Saturday February 16th 2019

Chilliwack, bc

Emotional Balance for a Happy Life

Sunday February 17th 2019

Maple Ridge, bc

Free the Head, Neck & Shoulders

Saturday February 23rd 2019

Maple Ridge, bc

Soft Organ Support

Sunday February 24th 2019

Vancouver, bc

Life's Apple Core

Saturday March 2nd 2019

Vancouver, bc

Muscle & Skeletal Stability in Movement

Sunday March 3rd 2019

Vancouver, bc

Breathe into Life

Sunday March 17th 2019

Sorrento, bc

Life as a Yogi in the 21st Century: the SOYA Annual Yoga Retreat with Brenda L. Feuerstein!

Friday May 31st 2019 - Sunday June 2nd 2019

St. John's, bc

Free the Head, Neck & Shoulders

Saturday July 13th 2019