Niyama Yoga Wellness

Niyama Yoga Wellness

Nourish Your Practice

We can sum up our philosophy in a word – Nourish.  We believe in nourishing your whole self – your body, your mind, your spirit.  And we think you might believe in that too – after all you found your way to yoga! Yoga gives us so much – a calmer mind, a happier, kinder soul, and a leaner, healthier body with better mobility and strength.  Many styles of yoga can be extremely physically demanding – building strength, stamina, flexibility and in the process sweating lots! All good things of course – but feeding your body is super important too – nourishing your body with the right nutrients will help you get more out of your practice – and help you sustain it over your lifetime.

That’s where Niyamaä Yoga Wellness comes in.  Professional quality natural health products that are made in Canada, vegan-friendly, and formulated specifically for Yogis. Natural wellness solutions to help energize, rehydrate and replenish, promote muscle recovery, reduce stress, improve sleep, and protect joints from wear and tear so you can sustain your practice at any age.

Niyama™ Yoga Wellness will nourish and support your yoga practice and help extend its benefits into your off-mat life. Namaste.

PS Niyama is available for wholesale to Yoga and Movement Studios with retail boutiques!

PPS Yoga & Movement Teachers get a discount off all product for personal use. Join our Teacher Ambassador program!

How to Reach Us

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