Rainbow Foameez

Rainbow Foameez

Soft Yoga Props & Easy Yoga Method

Rainbow Foameez is a Canadian based Soft Yoga Prop Company that provides one of a kind, unique Restorative Yoga Props and Bolsters along with an accompanying Restorative Yoga Method.

Rainbow Foameez brand is known for its popular seller;  Rainbow Foameez 5-piece Soft Yoga Prop Kit plus Bonus Head Rest and 8-pose poster, however, we offer meditation seats, single small foamies and the multi-purpose foamie too!  All yoga props are made and manufactured in Canada – Non-toxic, latex-free and hypoallergenic.  Order yours over at www.rainbowfoameez.com.

Please join Susan Guddat, the creator, owner and CEO of Rainbow Foameez at the once-a-year Rainbow Foameez Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course happening April 21-22, 2018.  REGISTER NOW to receive $75 off course tuition! For more details please head over to our site www.rainbowfoameez.com.

How to Reach Us

Contact Name: Susan Guddat
Phone Number: 905-425-0213
Email: info@rainbowfoameez.com

Visit us at