Medicine Work with Jennifer

Medicine Work with Jennifer

I help people overcome the fears that are holding them back from living the life they were meant to live.

Working with ceremony, energy healing and journeying heals your past, awakes you to the present, and enables you to dream your future into being.

Hi I’m Jennifer Jasvinder Malisauskas an Ottawa based Medicine Woman and Alternative Healer.


I’ve worked and helped people overcome their fear of

  • Failure or Success.
  • Being alone or in a relationship.
  • Following their dreams.
  • Particular phobias.
  • Being around lots of people.
  • Being abandoned, rejected, betrayed again.
  • Making mistakes, especially in front of others.
  • Speaking in public, front of a group or people of authority.
  • Expressing their opinion.
  • Asking for what you want.

Medicine Works helps

  • Identify and heal core issues
  • Get parts of yourself back you feel that you lost.
  • Heal your addictions.
  • Healing self-sabotage – the abusive parts of yourself
  • Power Retrieval Journey to  get your power back.
  • Past Life Journeys to heal the person we once were.
  • Meet and converse with your guides, such as Animal Totems, Spirit Guide, and Higher Self.
  • Journey to meet the different versions of yourself that live in the alternate realities of SpaceTime.
  • Visit the Astral plane to interact with Enlightened Masters, Angels and other healing or inspirational beings.
  • Meet an Ancestor to resolve things, heal, seek reassurance and to simply connect.
  • An Akashic Records (Web of Life) Reading.


Book your Healing Session TODAY!

You can book a single session or if you’re want more than one please take a look at my packages. You’ll find them and my schedule on the Prices, Packages and Schedule page.

My home office is in the Alta Vista area of Ottawa, Ontario. I am available for appointments in person and worldwide via remote sessions.

Call or email me if you are ready to book an appointment or have any questions.
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How to Reach Us

Contact name: Jennifer (Jasvinder Kaur) Malisauskas
Phone number: 613.523.3856

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