TerraBryn Chakra Meditation Bead Jewelry

TerraBryn Chakra Meditation Bead Jewelry

Calm. Peace. Clarity. Joy.

Wear your terrabryn chakra meditation jewelry to help you stay calm, grounded, and focused in our challenging world.

Artisan handcrafted, my simple graceful designs are inspired by chakra yoga, meditation, traditional prayer beads, natural gemstones, and an interest in personal inner work & integration.

I’ve spent my entire career in environmental work and I love the natural world. We ourselves are an integral part of nature and I have always been fascinated with our interrelationships and natural connections, including to the beautiful gemstones I use in my jewelry, and particularly in relation to our chakras

Making my jewelry pieces is like a mediation in itself for me. Each piece is peacefully handcrafted in luminous natural gemstone beads, sterling silver or 14k gold-filled wire and components, then tumbled to burnish and strengthen.

An avid walker of trails and paddler of canoes, I am so grateful to be able to design and work from my Peterborough home studio in the beautiful Karwartha Lakes Region of Ontario

In tribute and support, I donate a portion of the proceeds from my sales to Plan Canada’s “Because I Am a Girl” Campaign. supporting girls’ education & development to help improve the lives of their brothers, their entire families, their communities, and the world.

Take heart, and tune into your chakras for balance, support, creativity, and your own heart-felt wisdom.

Wishing you calm, peace, clarity, and joy. Catherine Staples, terrabaryn.com

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Phone Number: 705-768-5214
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