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Yoga BC

Yoga BC Yoga Teacher Training: Live your dream, nourish your passion, become a certified Yoga Teacher today.

We offer true authentic immersion training, with Yoga BC’s highly sought after faculty offering an individualized, deeply transformative, safe and intimate teacher training with next offering in the beautiful Northern BC.

Our lead trainer has over 20+ years practicing yoga and grew up fortunate enough to spend time training with a monk in the art of meditation, Qi Gong and the art of primal flow.

This beautiful location, is rich with wildlife, forests, mountains, rivers and nature in every direction. A hidden gem to let go and find your self and your true calling. Part of the training we will immerse ourselves in nature, setting the stage for inner wellness and connection, resonating with nature.

The Yoga BC 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is rich in daily practice in pranayama, asana, meditation and philosophy study, while developing and refining teaching skills through practice teaching and lesson sequencing.

Start the studies at home prior to arriving for a 16-day part time weekend Immersion at the beautiful nature filled location of Quesnel BC. Nestled within the beautiful area filled with nature and majestic flowing rivers, in the heart of Cariboo country. This is a perfect immersion to deepen your practice! Join us and deepen your understanding of Yoga in this life transforming program; living your truth, delving deeper into yoga, all while becoming a certified and registered Yoga Teacher!

Our Teacher Training is alignment-based Hatha Yoga  with a thorough study of Yoga Philosophy.

Yoga BC’s vision is to nourish the inner Guru found within each and every one of us. Our Divine centre. “The paths are many but the Truth is One.” Swami Sivananda.

Live your truth, discover the teacher within you in this journey of  immersion program led by Jaina-Das/ River, highly sought after inversions pro  with over 20+ years practicing yoga.

Our program runs for 16 days (You complete 20 hrs of your 200 hr program as homework and reading assignments prior to arriving to your first class). Programs run either Part-time weekends for 2 months starting March.23rd 2019 or 16 days straight,  full-time immersion program starting June 2019.

Our RYT200 Hour Teacher Training includes studies in:

  • Teaching Asanas, Modifications & Adjustments
  • Creating and setting space
  • Meditation
  • Sequencing and vinyasa flow
  • Beginner Inversions
  • Power of manifesting through thought
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Sanskrit & Pronunciation
  • Kriyas and basic Pranayama
  • Chakras, bandahs, Koshas
  • Yoga as a business and self marketing
  • Sattvic nutrition
  • Tandava
  • AM and PM Asana Classes in various styles of yoga including, Ashtanga, Gentle Hatha, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Bhakti, Yin, Yang, basic Kundalini and more.

Additional Requirements:
Assignments in various areas of Yoga to be completed prior to arriving at the Immersion portion of this training. Registration recommended 2 months prior to the start date to allow time to complete these lessons.

Enjoy the beautiful area of Quesnel BC, city of nature and majestic Rivers. Students get free access to the yoga studio classes during their training as well as FREE mentorship program and other perks. We do our best to make your transition to a yoga teacher seamless.

For more information or to register for this amazing immersion program please visit our website: www.YogaBC.ca

Nourish your passion, discover your true calling as a certified Yoga Teacher today with Yoga BC.




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