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Sacred Shamanic Shadow Work

1857 Florida Ave
Ottawa Ontario
K1H 6Y9

I am a Celtic Seer, Shamanic Journey Guide, and Spirit & Energy Healer who can help you break free from the deeply rooted fears and limiting beliefs you have about yourself, others and life. Limiting beliefs are thoughts, convictions, or opinions that we believe to be absolute truths that hold us back in some shape or form. As a result, they prevent us from growing, achieving our goals, taking risks or new opportunities, or becoming the people we want to be. Has rejection, betrayal, and abandonment left you feeling hurt, disconnected, not good enough, alone, fearful, down, with unhealthy boundaries, distrusting, anxious, and fragmented? I know first hand what you’re going through, I would be honored to show you how to walk this path by reclaiming you power, self-worth, self-acceptance & intuition with confidence & courage.

Offers classes & workshops in: