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JasvinderYoga & Wonder Woman Shaman

1857 Florida Ave
Ottawa Ontario
K1H 6Y9

I help women who are struggling after a BIG LIFE CHANGE re-align, re-connect and re-charge. Call back your personal power to re-awaken your inner Wonder Woman! You remember her? She took risks, believed in herself, accomplished hard tasks, listened to her intuition, loved & accepted herself, was open to change and moved forward. You know she’s still in there, let me help you find her again. Has a devastating event taken the wind out of your sails? Perhaps it was a past trauma, sudden loss, divorce or bad break up, change in your health, losing a job, financial stress or troubles. Shamanic Ceremonies, Medicine Work, Energy Healing, Yoga and Meditation Gives us the opportunity to heal who we were, bringing us back to who we are, so we can become who we want to be. As Shaman, Medicine Woman, spiritual guide and healer I guide my clients to discover, understand and transform what’s been blocking them so they can find their way again. So if you want to get UNSTUCK, let go of your past, and start following and living out your dreams, I would love to work with you.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Kundalini, Mantra, Meditation, Restorative, Yin

Additional information:

Jennifer is your Website Shaman I help overwhelmed women entrepreneurs overcome their doubts fears and procrastination of building a website, using social media and get clearer vision about their business. Does this resonate? - The idea of building a website and using social media makes you feel overwhelmed, fearful and confused? - Have you had a hard time figuring out who your website or business audience should be? - So much so that you are constantly putting it off? - Do you know that you are your business? So any limiting beliefs you have around money and success will be reflected in your business. Would you like? - A more personal hand-holding approach to get you moving? - Someone to support and consult you through the process that will leave you feeling empowered? - Someone to brainstorm with, help you figure out your idle client, target audience or niche? - To discover the root causes that are holding you back from making your business a success? My approach combines Coaching, Shamanism, Energy Medicine Work and 15+ years of web design experience to get at the root cause of your issues.