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Eryn Kirkwood

3013 Jockvale Road
Ottawa Ontario

Translated from Sanskrit, the term ?yoga? means to unite, or to ?yoke.? There are many definitions of yoga ?out there,? but for me, the following best represents both the goal and the practice of yoga: ?Yoga is the joining of illusory dualities.? These illusory opposites include strength and softness, effort and surrender, will and grace, body and mind (and many, many more). ADVAITA Advaita is a Sanskrit term that means ?union of body, mind, and spirit?; it is the style of Hatha Yoga that I aim to teach. Each class will leave you with something that can be taken away into ordinary life, weather that be some stretch to do while sitting at your desk, or a concept that has peaked your curiosity. Physically, each class is a flowing series of regenerative postures for the body and soul. You will walk away from a class of Advaita Yoga with a stronger and more flexible body and a relaxed mind.